Contestants Of Miss America Took The Golf Lessons

When Kaitlyn Schoeffel, Miss New Jersey 2017 met golf professional on the evening of Sunday at the Linwood Country Club, she asked one question to them, “What should I do to win at mini-golf, as that is all I will be playing?”


All 51 Miss America contestants, arriving in the greens of the course in white Jitney and walked onto the private course of 18-hole. They came here set themselves ready to take their swings at chipping, putting and driving.


For some of the contestants, the appearance on the course was their first time, whereas for others it was just a cheerful break from the hectic functions and rehearsals of Miss America.


Victoria Huggins the Miss North Carolina 2017 ditched her wedges and came in bare feet to help fellow contestants and instruct them as they chipped onto a green. She was the one who was aware of golf as she used to play this game with his father when she was not competing for a crown. 


The contestants of Miss America 2018 received a warm welcome in the Atlantic City.


On the practicing green course, all contestants got the chance to meet a few of their fans. In the course, some of the contestants seen posed for pictures, whereas some seen helping younger fans in the putt, not stopping till the ball dropped in the cup.


Lauren Percy, the Miss New Hampshire 2017 shares her thoughts about her experience and said “Here we are having a teerific time on the course, really.” She laughed loud after saying this as her group was waiting the next lesson.

The first level of the competition will begin on Tuesday in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall.  And on the night of Sunday, Miss America 2018 will be crowned.