York County Golf Course Preparation Got Delayed Because Of Snow.

The snow that came on Monday is impacting businesses that rely on warm and sunny weather. As hang on into spring, golf courses are getting the feeling that it will be never-ending winter, still waiting for the weather to get clear soon.

At the York County Regents’ Glen Country Club, snow has covered the greens. It is not a usual sight for a Monday in April, especially after the Easter. This is the season that unofficially marks the start of golf season.

Kevin Hue the superintendent of County Country Club golf course said about this that “So far this season is slow.

By the Easter weekend, some golfers come out on the course, but this year it will not be for many days that people could get out to play. And this is because of the one snow storm after another hitting the place.

This year look like worse than past years, where the course was not ready to play because of the same reason.

He further added that, “In the past years as well, we have had snow, but we it didn’t come this late”.

The frequent snow storms are putting crews working on the course a bit behind the schedule getting the greens prepared for the official opening day at the April end.

According to the schedule “We were expected to start the certification of the tees and greens last week, but it has been rescheduled for today and now it is going to be pushed back again.”

If the storm stop or snow melts, the crew is going to have a big ‘to do’ in the coming couple of weeks. They work in the rain to prepare the ground for the game.

Shue said, “It is not a too big deal to prepare the course, but we will get caught back up. It is kind of a grind, which is trying to get everything knocked out at one time.”