Milligan, The Famous Golf Instructor

Lee Milligan, a famous golf instructor passed away this Monday. He was the coach of Andy North, the two time US Open Champion. Lee was suffering from various complications for the spinal injury and was aged 81 when he died. Lee was a very good basketball player and also a great golfer at the same time.

On hearing the news everyone in the golf industry was very depressed. People who were close to him were sharing his records and was explaining what great person he was. Andy North was all tears after he got the news. He was recalling the days when his father had to drive him for more than 100 miles so that he got proper lessons from Lee. Lee was hired first in Chicago for Barrington Hills Country Club. North continued about Lee saying how special Lee was for him and he hailed him as one of the great people he ever met. He had the ability to make everyone happy around him.

People close to Lee said so many good things about him. They told the reporters how positive he always was and on top of that he had a great sense of humor. He was one such person who had the ability to make things work just like that. Once you knew Lee it was hard to stay away from him.

Andy North, a golf commentator says that he was like a child to Lee and was treated like a family member every time he visited Lee’s place. There is a special section in the autobiography of Lee Milligan where Andy talks about the experiences with Lee. There are also photos with Lee and how he trained him. His family members are deeply aggrieved due to this.