Steve Stricker Slow Motion DL 300 FPS


Movie Score: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to “Steve Stricker Slow Motion DL 300 FPS”

  1. David Shafer

    Hes just exaggerating. By 0 backspin he’s complimenting him on how one can carry more distance with less spin. and spin angle is the tilt in which the ball spins (allowing a draw/fade) so hes further complimenting him on how square he makes contact.

  2. TheNYgolfer

    huh???? dude you can’t play professional golf with zero backspin…..and what the hell is zero spin angle????

  3. Mason Pramod

    It isn’t all about keeping the lag in the wrists until the last second rather the impact position in which the club strikes the ball. It is in fact easier to do Stricker’s swing and get spin because the impact position is easier to achieve.

  4. michal9339

    0 backspin 0 spin angle