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Everything Seems Well Between McIlroy & McDowell


Rory McIlroy & Graeme McDowell might be opposite parties in courts & didn’t play together at this year’s Ryder yet the dup has proved again that everything is fine between them thanks to their shatterproof bond.

Seconds after Graeme sank the victorious putt on seventeenth green, it was none other than McIlroy who ran up to clasp his old pal in a warm bear hug. That was quite a tearful moment which glistened not just with sporting camaraderie but a loving human heart.

At that very magical moment the entire golf world- which had been abuzz with the news of a tragic rift between the two friends- understood that there was never any question of parting between the buddies and everything said against their friendship was just a bad rumor embellished by media & ill-minded players.

It’s to stress here that “brotherhood” is not usually common with pro golfers, probably because the game is an individual pursuit. There’s generally an intensely single-minded, egocentric approach but Rory is one rarest of characters: an individual golf genius who is one ultimate squad player as well.

“Really glad for Donaldson as he sealed the victory for us, He has been really fantastic all through the week”, remarked Rory as a true team player.

“I cannot say enough on McGinley. Paul has been really fantastic”, Rory’s sense of fraternity is actually genuine.

On the other hand, Graeme reflects some similar qualities as well and this common sense of fraternity might be one of the most significant things that have founded his shatterproof bond with Rory.

Interestingly, both McIlroy and McDowell was in serious trouble while they had to determine national allegiance in 2016 Olympics. It was really difficult for them to pick one between Ireland & Britain but both of them stuck to the former.

Perfect Golf Swing, Tiger Woods Correct Golf swing Fix Swing


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Rickie Fowler


Rickie Fowler is a professional golfer from the United States of America who currently plays in the US PGA Tour.

Fowler had a trophy laden and extremely promising career as an amateur and was the top ranked amateur golfer in the world for a whopping 36 weeks between 2007 and 2008. Such was his prowess as a player during his days as an amateur that many people thought that he could become the next Tiger Woods and was considered as the United States’ answer to Rory McIlroy, who would go on to become world number one and a four time major winner.

But that hasn’t happened and Fowler is struggling to get into the top ten in the Official Golf World Rankings and has managed to win just two titles in his five years as a professional golfer on the US PGA Tour.

After the Walker Cup in 2009, Rickie Fowler announced that he would turn professional and he soon joined the Nationwide Tour, making his debut as a professional golfer with the Albertsons Boise Open. That same year, he announced that he had signed a multi-year deal with golf equipment manufacturers Titleist and also joined the sponsorship of Rolex.

At the majors, Fowler also has struggled to come good and his best result remains a T2 at the US Open and The Open Championship and a T3 in The PGA Championship, all of which have come in 2014, which goes to show that it has taken Rickie Fowler years to deliver on the promise that he had shown as an amateur.

Many people believe that his antics off the field have had something to do with that and until and unless he gets his head straight and focuses only on the sport, he will not deliver on that promise.

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Steve Stricker – The Masters on the 17th tee box


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2013 U.S. Open Championship: Steve Stricker (Level Par) Rd. 3


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Tiger Woods Golf Swing Lesson, Drive, Approach, Chip, and Putt


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Rory Mcllroy Breaks Up With Carolina Wozniacki


As reported by New York Times it was a break up over the phone for Rory Mcllroy and Carolina Wozniacki. On May 21 Mcllroy told Wozniacki that he was not up for the marriage over the phone and his public announcement also stated the same reason. It was a completion of the engagement for him.

Wozniacki thought that the discussion of 3 minutes was a joke. The incident was quite a dramatized one. It could have happened only via phone as they were both busy with their schedules- Mcllroy was coming to U.S. from England and Wozniacki was in Paris for French Open. The break up also affected his performance as he was dethroned from his number 1 position. Since 2012 in September he has not won in U.S. Even Wozniacki after being crowned as number one went to number fourteen. Wedding invitations had been sent in by Mcllroy which proved disastrous. It was during these times that he could not concentrate on the 72 holes. It was in BMW PGA of the first round that he scored 68.

The name given to the couple “Wozzilroy” came under the scanner. The relationship was very stable in the beginning and charming enough but slowly a sort of cold war began and tensions grew for which a détente formed between the two and their respective sporting games. It is time for both of them to move on as Mcllroy pointed out clearly for which both need to work towards. Since both of them have the capability to strive for better as both were at their peak forms and the relationship affected their goals and sport. A truncated roller coaster ride for the star sport players who were not ready for commitment and hence their cards fell like a pack.

Training Middle School Footballing Quarter Back Tips


Tech’s motto, “Ut Prosim” (That I May Serve), is set on the in return of the jersey, on the collar, on the earlier of the helmet, and on the medial cuff of typically the gloves. Each school’s trademark VT logo forms once the palms of gloves face towards you.
Usually the prizes. You will probably want to offer a little bit of kind of honors that will realize the attention connected with a few numerous teams, in the most important demographic you will most certainly be looking for. Medals are great, but cash honors or gift vouchers will be great attractants too. And make sure that you have now a few T shirts made up; they are reliable prizes, and these firms will also aid to advertise those tournament in some sort of following years!
Equally for the Mn Vikings, their new uniforms don’t suggest a whole much of change either. If you have any questions relating to where and how you can use soccer news transfers, you can call us at our own page. There is without a doubt some new striping on the sleeves, but not great else is original. They check out slimmer and streamlined as well, also not much else.
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The material at the same time has added moisture-wicking technology to benefit keep sweaty tennis players dry. Calls for a secondary digicam as well as Jet handset offers a feature in videocalling.