Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 PS3 move controller demo


Video Rating: five / five

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5 Responses to “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 PS3 move controller demo”

  1. PointedMarlin

    if you are still playing with the move or find this video – visit
    http://move.freeforums.net we are a small but vibrant Move Community that
    plays TW13 & TW14 on the PS Move´╗┐

  2. Pedro Vieira

    I love to play this game with the move controller…but the putting is
    killing me…its very hard to know the sensitivity of the putter…im
    always too short or too far. Does it get easier with the points and skills
    you earn!?

  3. BreakerOhio

    Dale, look up Simstix for ps3

  4. Dale Griffus

    how did you get that onto a shaft? i’m wondering cuz i happen to have
    everything needed to make one of those and i think it would make it easier
    to play with an actual club shaft


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