Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Create A Golfer Part 1


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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21 Responses to “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Create A Golfer Part 1”

  1. Alex Starcher

    If anyone want join my country club it’s called Golfing Men

  2. Phillip Tavernier

    I meant specifically during the create a golfer section, not after the
    golfer is created.

  3. Phillip Tavernier

    That’s my point; I think it’s really stupid to already have a hat on that
    you can’t take off while you’re creating your golfer. Incredibly stupid.
    Like, wow, game designers.

  4. Obora watabinost

    u can remove headwear

  5. FranchisePlaySports

    the same reason idiots like you have such small brains. It’s a God-Given

  6. slops21

    What’s the point of editing the hair when you can’t actually see it because
    you’re wearing a FUCKIN’ hat?

  7. stephenlleeds

    how many golfers are you able to make? be neat to make 5-6 legends.

  8. Obora watabinost

    well you cant change clothing in apperance editor

  9. PointoK5

    HAHA yeah he does look like Bron!

  10. Obora watabinost

    go into the hats section and click the hat you have equipped, it will then
    be unequipped and you will be rendered hatless

  11. TheWestsideCuban

    can you make more then 1 created golfer and put them in franchise

  12. Josh McGrath


  13. Tyler Montrose

    its eddie murphy!!!! haha

  14. Obora watabinost


  15. Obora watabinost

    it’s a simple question he is not an idiot, referring to differences between
    people is not evil or sinful

  16. Phillip Tavernier

    Could someone explain to me how to remove the fucking hat from my created
    golfer so I can see what the goddamn hair I’m choosing looks like? Jesus
    I’m frustrated.

  17. CJ Redden

    damn ya mad bro @slops21

  18. HGsleeve45

    So they can eat your girlfriends pussy

  19. ALLEkey12

    he looks a little bit like lebron! :D

  20. Phillip Tavernier



    don’t want to offend any black guy but why do black people have such
    massive lips? its like they have eaten something that there allergic to