Tiger Woods Highlights: 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational


Online video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Tiger Woods Highlights: 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational”

  1. poutzka

    I wish I was fucking Lindsay Vonn

  2. sittakai131


  3. RealFlightSimX

    Get the cancer racist

  4. iPingman

    He hit course mastery level Gold there…

  5. Viktor Jönsson

    Check out my channel! Not as awesome as these kings, but maybe in a few years! 😉

  6. Longcaulk

    Best golfer ever after Kim Jong Il.

  7. Jake Hanson

    @swansob That’s not what your mother said.

  8. Brennan Swanson

    tiger sucks

  9. Jan Jedlička

    watch?v=HaonUdhfIlI&feature=g-upl for complete TW’s highlights of this tournament

  10. keithrockpro

    *** groove

  11. sammiemagoo2

    I’m glad I’m not alone on that one.

  12. sammiemagoo2

    I just like seeing him win.

  13. Snazzy Mac

    Tiger woods best shots watch?v=iLBAdQXGNcA&list=LLUJV­eCeUtjh_ebH242COe9w&feature=mh­_lolz

  14. jeanmunn

    I’ll stick to my opinion thank you, another prime example of Woods falling apart in a big tournament on the weekends was yesterday at the Barclays.
    Woods is going backwards when it comes to building confidence heading into the weekend.
    We’ve seen it all with him, the ” phony ” limping, the never ending excuses etc. etc. etc.
    And I couldn’t agree more with you regarding who should be number one ,,, it’s all about numbers and stats. and God knows how much the Americans love their stats. !!!

  15. lovehalld6677

    why is it that no one realizes that they changed all the courses in golf to take away tigers advantages jack is jack but they didnt change any courses because jack was wining hes already the greatest golfer just on that fact alone and even jack will tell you that one !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bcutter

    I bet Tiger feels the same way conormacleod1987 does though..

  17. sammiemagoo2

    It’s about time Tiger got back into the grove.

  18. Tyler L

    to come through lately but his last two times out hes gotten one round better for a complete 3 rounds, im not sayin the jump to the 4th round is automatic dont get me wrong but hes builidin his confidence and makin a comeback, i think the better argument is whether or not someone whose never won a major should be #1 in the world…

  19. Tyler L

    well ill give it to you this is the best argument ive ever had on youtube, there arent any hard feelins toward you just a difference of opinion obviously. and there also somethin called “adapt to survive” which is the reason for his big swing changes he makes. but hes strikin the ball better than anyone so really i dont thing his swing change is effectin it, its the putter which has never let him dow. i think he will myself and thats because of his talent and work ethic. he hasnt been able

  20. ehroinng

    Stop fighting—who cares if he’s “more physically fit” than the other players out there…let’s just all agree on the fact that he’s got the GAME and plays good golf. that’s what’s important—-

  21. ehroinng

    He’s come so far and has too much talent to waste….COME ON TIGER- FIVE MORE!!!! Winning non-major tournaments are always GREAT, but the honor of winning any of the four traditional major tournaments is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY.

  22. jeanmunn

    You know you really are way off base here, you can laugh at me all you like !
    So let me set this straight,,I DO NOT hate Tiger Woods, I merely passed my opinion.
    I don’t give a rat’s ass how fit he is, I would absolutely love to see Woods beat Jack’s record personally I don’t think he will. I stand by what I said, he can’t come through on the weekends.
    Yeah sure we know about his swing changes another ” work in progress “.
    Maybe Tiger never heard of ” if it aint’ broke don’t fix it ” see you !

  23. Tyler L

    open championship. hes physically more fit than every golfer on the pga nad european tour, tiger willl win more majors. youre just hatin on somebody who had an unhunanlike ability to win majors every time he was in contention and lost it that ability. hes human, who the hell gives a shit. especially when hes workin his ass off to reuturn to form and is ALMOST there. one more solid round in a major and hell win. watch, ill laugh at you when he does.

  24. Tyler L

    uhh okk thats alie, he was in contention in the last two. the masters he had no real chance, pga he didnt, 2010 and 09 masters were the only ones you could say he contended in before tthe us and british opens. he fell flat on his face saturday at the us open, learned from that then got through saturday in the british with a chance to win on sunday and fell on his face sunday. hes makin a comeback, and yes is game fits the open he controls his ballstriking beautifully which bodes very well at the

  25. GunCoppaz

    Everyone has the right to complain about idiotic things. What are you talking about?