Bubba Watson Golf is Boring


Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Bubba Watson Golf is Boring”

  1. Will Cunningham

    press 5

  2. Raynald Nicholas


  3. Bodycage

    This guy is pretty thick.

  4. Chris Austin

    Probably Steve Williams, Tiger’s former caddie (now with Adam Scott)

  5. MrZoomzs

    who was he talking about?

  6. jaybasketball5


  7. Heath Triffett

    pussy? please stop talking about thing’s you’ve had no experience with

  8. Alejandro Cabrera

    cause he’s a egomaniac…

  9. 12razzer

    Sound guy

  10. bttrswtnva689

    Oh Really Bubba golf is boring? I watched you live today and everyone in the crowd was trying to make you enjoy himself and all he did was act angry

  11. UcanThnkItuCanDoit

    pussy. piss off

  12. Brett Kaplan

    He’s changed a lot since then

  13. Hazedream

    He looks like my weed dealer…

  14. ChuugyGolf

    Bubba makes golf interesting!

  15. ohblondi

    All about the coil

  16. Arne Rotne

    Hahahaha he’s got a wonky eye

  17. coolbutt7

    Who are you to judge wealth. You do realize Bubba is in the Pro Disc Golf Association. So you are calling Bubba poor.

  18. roomfullofidiots

    how could anyone dislike bubba?!?! what a great guy to look up to in the 21st century!

  19. nikanj

    He’s right though. I love golf, it is easily my favourite sport. But I haven’t watched a major before without falling asleep (partly because of the USA/Australia time difference). Tennis or football matches always have me on the edge on my seat. With golf I’m dozing off when I hear a roar then watch for the replay of a great shot.

  20. sdotsmitty89

    then why are there no golfers without arms?

  21. Conor Sunderland

    I was thinking that hahaha

  22. Stubbee

    you don’t hit the ball using your arms.

  23. Kyle Canter

    It’s weird how people who have never played golf or have watched golf say its boring.

  24. TitaniumCarbine

    Haha he’s such a great comical guy

  25. LoveSeungYeon

    He reminds me of James May